Helping our students to live an independent life in dignety so they can prosper.


The African youth needs access to education in an protected environment.


Education is the key to an independent future without poverty and crime.

Before the Heinz Machowetz Girls Dormitory: Vanessa Machowetz and Shukran Gideon



                                    The Netball-Girls-Team with new shirts



P1040572 smallMany students of the Vanessa Secondary School come from surrounding poor villages around Mbeja, a city with 300.000 inhabitants in the south of Tanzania nearby the border to Zambia. There are many orphans, which lost their parents through HIV infection. Vanessa Secondary School is a private school in Mbeja. Young persons between the age of 13 till 19 years are able to graduate with a secondary degree, including  English as secondary language. Gifted students can acquire as well A level. The graduations increase the opportunity to lead a self-determined life and to secure their own existence.


We could contribute, that buildings and facilities could be built partly by donations. Within the framework of the International Aid Organization NEHEMIAH GATEWAY a wall around the school grounds was raised and new educational books and agricultural machines for cultivating rice were acquired. A well guarantees since 2017 for steady water, so that a kitchen garden on the school grounds could be cultivated for own needs. With our financial support Vanessa School dedicated in springtime 2018 a hostel for 220 girls, arranged a barbershop, bought several laptops und installed a regularly computerclass. A solar panel makes it possible now to provide electricity for class-rooms.


Vanessa Secondary School finances itself by some moderate school fees for children of families with normal income and through selling rice. With the donations students, which are orphans or come from poor families, get the chance to graduate with a secondary degree, including English as secondary language. Additionally they receive two meals a day and we take care of the cost for school uniforms. We would welcome any financial contribution to our project. Eponym of the School is Vanessa Machowetz, daughter of Wolfgang Machowetz.

Rest assured, that all of your donation goes directly to the school and the students.


 Numbers & FactsP1040606 small

  • Founded 2006 by the Executive Director of Tehilah Foundation (Shukran Gideon) with Financial and Moral Support from the late Wolfgang Machowetz.

  • ca. 500 students aged between 13 to 19 years.

  • 10 teachers
  • 13 school facilities
  • lessons in Englisch and Kiswahili


  • School Fees and
  • Two meals per day for the orphans
  • Lessons and Care
  • Means for Lessons, Books, Sheets, etc.
  • 25 Euro per month for a day-student
  • 40 Euro per month for a student who lives in the hostel